Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manuals

When any sizeable building work is carried out, either new build or Refurbishment, it is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom that an Operation and Maintenance Manual be provided as part of the Health and safety documentation for the building.

The manual defines the requirements and procedures for the effective operation, maintenance and commissioning of the building, thus enabling the owner/occupier to operate, manage and run the building effectively and efficiently.

At Drake QS we have the technical expertise to produce a full Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manual, which ensures that you need only to supply the basic information regarding the project and we will do the rest for you.

Generally Operation and Maintenance Manuals are a much neglected part of the build process and give cause for high levels of customer dissatisfaction. This is because manuals are produced late and in insufficient quality. In particular the client, to delay payment, often uses these reasons as excuses.

With this in mind, to reduce payment problems and to ensure that the Operation and Maintenance Manuals are produced on time and to the correct standard, use Drake QS.