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If you seek a high level of cost certainty for your construction project you will need a bill of quantities.

A bill of quantity (BoQ) is a comprehensive schedule of all materials, and their quantities, required to undertake and complete a construction project.

This detailed schedule then facilitates the accurate costing of the building project, which in turn provides certainty to both the buyer and the supplier (the client and the contractor).

Some of the main reasons why organisations seek cost certainty for their building projects are as follows:

  • Project funding
  • Budget planning
  • Financial planning

Ultimately peace of mind is provided by accurately produced bills of quantity.

There are many secondary benefits of an accurately produced bill of quantities, for example the creation of the build programme, procurement planning, cost forecasting and cash flow forecasting and so on.

In such a volatile industry these benefits are not only desirable they are extremely advantageous.

If you seek an accurately produced bill of quantities then please get in touch with Drake QS today.

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