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Calculating the cost to build a project is a complicated and complex procedure.

A logical, sequential process should be followed in order to ensure accuracy, this is because accuracy creates certainty and certainty creates confidence. Being confident with the accuracy of a building cost estimate has many benefits, for example cost planning, profit forecasting, cost expenditure and so on.

At Drake QS we believe it is every organisations intention to be thorough in their approach to preparing a building cost estimate, yet the demands of our industry often leave little time to apply the necessary levels of effort that are required to generate certainty and confidence.

This is where Drake QS can assist you.

Our experienced building cost estimators can provide the following services:

  • Labour and material take offs
  • We provide you with the necessary quantities for you to work out the estimate value
  • Full labour and material estimates
  • We work out the full estimate value for you
  • Budget quotations
  • We provide you with approximate costings for your project
  • Value engineering
  • We calculate where you could save money by offering a more economically advantageous tender proposal
  • Other estimating services include;

How we do it

You provide us with all of the tender documents and we use industry average labour norms, industry average material price rates and our own experience and expertise to produce estimates on your behalf.

Alternatively, we can make the estimate more specific to your company by using the following:

  • Labour rates provided by you
  • Material prices are provided by you
  • Quotations supplied from your preferred subcontractors
  • Overhead and Profit mark up provided by you

What you receive

Each estimate is returned with a tender summary, a detailed tender breakdown, listing all elements of the estimate and commentary on the important parts of the estimate (inclusions and exclusions).

How we work

We operate on a strictly confidential basis; any privileged information you provide us with, to enable us to produce the estimate for you, will be safeguarded and not disclosed to any third party.

We only operate on a one-client one-project basis therefore we will not produce an estimate for the same project for another client.

The benefits

The benefits of using Drake QS to produce your building cost estimates are:

  • Reduce your overhead by paying for estimating as and when you need it
  • Free up time for your staff to manage your projects more efficiently
  • Free up time for your staff to pursue future work and grow your business
  • Always being able to return an estimate to your client(s) because you have the resource to do it
  • Returning more tenders increases the likelihood of securing more work

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