Helping You Get Paid

Getting paid for the work you have undertaken on a construction project is the most important factor to consider. There are many key aspects to this.

Like all, you would have experienced the high of securing a project, whether this be for a new or existing client; but the hard work does not stop there. You have to undertake the work to get paid.

It is often the case that the high experienced at the start of the project is not there at the end of the project, predominantly the main reasons for this are that the complex and fraught nature of a construction project have generated risks associated with payment for additional work, payment for loss and expense or, in many instances, payment relating to the works you were originally engaged to undertake.

Consequently, the Commercial Management of a construction project is a detailed and comprehensive process, and it should not be underestimated that the correct administration of the contract is a key aspect to managing your entitlement to get paid.

In addition to the correct administration of the contract, is the ability to demonstrate your entitlement to be paid for contracted works, additional works and works associated with loss and expense; these areas are often overlooked.

At Drake QS we have been assisting organisations for many years with the administration of their contracts and assisting them in demonstrating their entitlement to be paid.

If you need assistance to help you get paid, please contact us (this needs to be a link to the contact us page) or if you require further information on the services we offer in our “helping you get paid” section, please click on the link to the relevant service

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