Helping You Make Money

Knowing your costs is the starting point to making money on your project.

Construction is a notoriously competitive industry.

For end user clients and developers it is often the case, at feasibility stage, that approximation of costs is the key deciding factor in assessing the viability of a particular project / development.

For Main Contractors and Sub Contractors, accuracy in tendering allows you to calculate your costs to deliver the project; subsequently you are then able to add head office overhead costs and desired profit margins and reach your competitive price.

Problems arise when shortcuts are taken. Shortcuts normally arise due to having insufficient time to be accurate and this in turn, from the perspective of an end user or developer affects your organisations understanding of costs and viability. Equally, it can affect main contractors and subcontractors with determining costs and assessing the competitiveness of its price.

At Drake QS we have been working alongside end user clients, developers, main contractors and sub contractors for several years; helping them to determine accurate costs (end user clients, developers) and submit accurate prices for projects (main contractors and sub contractors).

We can also help you.

End user clients and developers if you are seeking early stage cost advice, cost planning and cost management and bill of quantity services we can help you.

Main contractors and Sub contractors if you are seeking cost certainty for a project and in turn a seeking to submit a competitive price we can help you.

Ultimately if your end goal is to make money we can help you.

To find out how, contact us

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