Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

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At Drake QS we offer a range of Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management services, which are a necessity for clients, Main Contractors and Sub Contractors involved in the Construction process.

Utilising our skills, knowledge and experience, we will assist you with the smooth running of the construction projects you are involved with. In particular we can assist you in the following areas:

Bill of Quantities and Accurate Estimates

Bills of Quantities are an essential component in the accurate costing / pricing of a construction project. Drake QS can produce Bills of Quantities in accordance with Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7) and New Rules of Measurement (NRM 2) and subsequently provide accurate estimates as to the likely price of a construction project.

Contractual services

With several alternative standard forms of contract, we can offer advice and support on the form you are working to. This will identify what your contractual expectations are and what implications you may encounter should you not meet your contractual requirements.

Our other contractual services include the drafting of bespoke contract terms and assistance with contract negotiation, as well as advice on collateral and third party warranties.

Risk Management Services

Every construction project is inherent with risk. We can help you minimise this risk to ensure your projects complete on time and meet profit targets. We will identify the risks affecting your works and establish a risk register, allowing you to mitigate your exposure throughout the construction process. We will do this by holding regular workshops, which will enable you to understand how risks develop and how to manage them.

Project Commercial Management Services

Successful commercial management of a project is fundamental to its profitability. We will help safeguard your financial interests by assisting with the commercial management of your project from inception to completion. These services are:


  • Placing orders with subcontractors
  • Commercial management of subcontractor accounts
  • Preparation of subcontractor interim payment
  • Preparation and agreement of subcontractor final accounts

Cost Management

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Cost planning
  • Project costing and evaluation
  • Interim valuations and site measures
  • Advise and assist with managing the payment process
  • Pricing of project variations, including preparing documentation for┬ásubmission

Final Account Services

´┐╝Within the construction industry, it is common practice for a project team to finish one contract and then immediately start another.

When this occurs, subcontractors and their project management teams do not have time to finalise any outstanding issues and agree a final account with their client. As a result, many subcontractors often forget about the project they have just completed and do not pursue any outstanding monies due to them.

Drake QS Limited can assist your organisation by managing the post contract stage of your projects. We can finalise your project costs, prepare the necessary documentation in support of any variations and attend meetings in order to settle final accounts.

This service will allow your project team to concentrate on your next contract, thus improving the financial position of your organisation, as final accounts can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

If you have a contractual claim that you need assistance with, please get in touch with us today.