Helping You Get Smarter

At Drake QS we believe in continuous improvement. The foundation for this is to increase knowledge.

At Drake QS we believe that learning is an ongoing process and it is our mission to make people working in the construction industry, or aspiring to work in the construction industry, smarter.

Having more knowledge increases a person(s) and organisation(s) confidence in dealing with issues that arise, as this allows them to make educated assessments and take educated decisions in specific situations.

To help make you smarter we provide you with information in the form of written content, audio content and electric tools, all available for you to access via our website.

drake qs latest news

Estimating – “You’ve got to be in it to win it”

Estimating is often a complicated process. Although many would disagree with this statement, one cannot hide from the fact that to prepare a detailed, ...

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Suspending works for non-payment – subcontractor strikes back!

“Why do Contractors think it is okay to not pay you, yet still expect you to continue to work on site as and when they want?” This was the questio ...

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Variation Accounts – improve your chances of getting paid

In Contract Law, the burden of proof required for proving a claim is based on a simple legal principle known as ‘on the balance of probabilities’. ...

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