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Contract Awareness – Our Top 5 Tips

1 – “Oh no we won’t”, “oh yes you will” When reviewing a contract on behalf of a client (and hopefully its not a scanned pdf copy), we search for some key phrases, these are “you must, you shall, you will” – why do we search for these phrases you ask? It is simple, we… Read more »

MEP Estimating – Our Top 5 Tips

1. Assess the tender enquiry straight away Okay, well straight away might be difficult, but it should be a priority. It is a priority, as you need to identify the tender return date (TRD) and also to gauge the size of the project, the latter because this will inform you of the amount of effort needed to produce the quotation.   You… Read more »

Estimating – “You’ve got to be in it to win it”

Estimating is often a complicated process. Although many would disagree with this statement, one cannot hide from the fact that to prepare a detailed, accurate and reliable estimate for a construction project the estimator must follow a procedure, which involves a detailed and thorough take off from the drawings, whilst considering the particulars for the… Read more »

Suspending works for non-payment – subcontractor strikes back!


“Why do Contractors think it is okay to not pay you, yet still expect you to continue to work on site as and when they want?” This was the question thrown straight at me before I could even shake the hand of the person who asked it. “So you’re having payment problems then?” I answered…. Read more »

Variation Accounts – improve your chances of getting paid

In Contract Law, the burden of proof required for proving a claim is based on a simple legal principle known as ‘on the balance of probabilities’. In layman’s terms this means, based on the supporting evidence, that what you are claiming is probably correct. So what does this have to do with variation account preparation,… Read more »