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Dispute Resolution in Construction – Getting It Right First Time

Recently we were called in to assist a Contractor with a dispute on a refurbishment project in Liverpool City Centre. The dispute concerned faulty workmanship carried out by one of their subcontractors, which was in need of replacing. The faulty workmanship came to light following completion of the Subcontractor’s works and at the time of… Read more »

Subcontractors – Do not be afraid to demand payment from your client(s)

Over recent weeks, I have had several conversations with subcontractors, whom I will not mention, and all of them have been asking for advice about what they should do, as their client’s had not paid them. We all know that this is not an unusual occurrence in the construction industry; in fact it is pretty… Read more »

Construction Health & Safety – USA Style!

During a recent holiday (vacation as they say in the states) in Annaoplis USA, I witnessed what can only be described as unbelievably relaxed health and safety regulations. The standard of Health and Safety on the site in question was a total contrast to the standards in the UK. It had to be seen to… Read more »