Contractual Claims

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Generally, construction claims are valid requests for additional compensation – whether this is for cost and/or time – as a result of changes in the terms of the contract. To assist you with such claims we offer the following services, which are designed to assist you in seeking compensation for these changes.

Services offered:

  • Preparing and submitting claims for extensions of time
  • Preparing and submitting claims for acceleration
  • Preparing and submitting claims for loss and expense

Drake QS Limited recognize that there is a general reluctance by subcontractors to involve any kind of third party when they have a dispute under their subcontract.

They believe that any legal action against their client will hinder working relationships and decrease the likelihood of repeat work in the future.

Knowing this, the main aim of our services in this specialist area is to help our clients reach an amicable agreement with their client, thus preventing established working relationships being tarnished.